Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Extended Eborn Family

Last week I recieved a phone call from our cousin, Janet Mumford, who lives in Soda Springs.  She informed me that her mother, Aunt Helen Rae's husband, had passed away.  He was ninetythree and had been in a nursing home for some time so it was not unexpected.  Iris and I decided to go the the funeral this past Monday, since we had nothing else on the agenda and wanted to pay our respects to Aunt Helen Rae.  She was glad we came and even gave us a special call on Wednesday thanking us for coming.  Her husband, Harry was a very nice man and they had a wonderful service for him.  He was buried in Burley where he had lived before he met Aunt Helen Rae.  Uncle Dean Larsen, Aunt Helen Rae's first husbsnd had died many years before.  I think he was in his fifties at the time.  Aunt Helen Rae had lived as a widow for a long time before she met Harry and was married to him.  They seemed to have a very good relationship and visited friends and relatives in the Bear Lake Valley quite often until Harry became incapacitated.  They visisted us quite often in Montpelier, especially during the time that Mother lived with us.   One time, at Harry's suggestion, they even brought us a lunch to have while they were there visiting.

     As a result of our being at the funeral and seeing some of the Eborn cousins and family. my thoughts turned to Grandpa Arthur and Grandma Nina Eborn.  They raised twelve kids to maturity in a small frame home in Lanark.  They all married and had families of their own.  Most of these were relatively large families and now the posterity of Arthur Phipp and Nina Passey Eborn numbers well over a thousand.  Much good has been done by this extended family and I'm sure they are looking down with pride on their posterity and also wish some of us would get on the ball and shape up and be a little more involved with one another.

I found a few pictures which I will share on this blog and hope that some of the readers might have a comment about their memories  of the extended family, or maybe a few questions that some of us might be able to answer for the rest.
This is a picture of Arthur Phipp Eborn and Nina Louise Passey Eborn on their wedding day.

Here they are fifty years later on their golden wedding anniversary.
This is the home in Paris where they spent the last part of their lives, after having lived in Lanark for the first part of their married lives.  This is the home I remember when I visited them often as a youth.  It was right across the street from the Emerson Elemantary school where we all went to school up through the eigth grade.

This is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Eborn's children and their spouses.  They are left to right,  Alice and Seth Moser, Darrell and Edna Eborn, LaMar and Vesta Eborn, Willard and Blanche Eborn. behind Aunt Blanche is Aunt Fern and next to her is Uncle Weldon, Next to Uncle Weldon is Uncle Dean Larsen and just in fron of him is Aunt Helen Rae Larsen.  Next to Uncle Dean is the youngest in the family, Uncle Worth and his wife Aunt Nina, Grandma Nina Louise Passey Eborn and Grandpa Arthur Phipp Eborn are in the front and center of the picture.  Next to Grandpa Eborn is Uncle Harlan and his wife, Aunt Agnes,  is just behind him.  Next to Harlan, is Aunt Opal, who recently died just ten days short of her 99th birthday and Uncle Hugh Shephed directly behind her. Next ot Aunt Opal is Aunt Velda Michaelson.  Her husband, Alton, was apparently missing from this photograph. Directly behind Aunt Velda is Aunt Elizabeth (Lizzie)Eborn.  She was married to Uncle Virgil Eborn, who is also missing from this photograph.  On the far right are Aunt Golda and Uncle Clifford Skinner.  This large family was fortunate enough to live relatively close to one another in the Bear Lake Valley for most of their lives.

By Bart