Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is it very far? Go figure.

As you all know we work at the Logan Temple. Since we started working there , I have developed a keen interest in family history and the associated temple work. Over the last year I have researched and submitted many names to have the ordinances performed in the temples of the Church, when this is done these ordinances may be done in any of the Church's 134 operating temples around the world. We submitted these names when we realized that there were so many that we would never be able to get all the work done ourselves or even with the assistance of family, friends, and ward members. One of the names I submitted was a William Ebourne, an alternate spelling of our family name, who is a distant cousin and had lived in England many years ago. On Thursday last, I went to work on our regular shift. The first assignment I had was at the New Name booth. As I took my position, the very first name that was presented to me was, William Ebourne. I was surprised and thought that it couldn't be just a coincidence. After all, these names were sent all over the world and most of the temples are open for many hours each day. What are the chances that a specific name would go through a specific area in the temple during a given few minutes, while I happened to be at that post?

A little less than two hours later I was assigned to be a receiver at the veil of the temple. As I took my position to receive, the very first person who came to the veil was holding the very same card with the name William Ebourne. A tingle went over my whole body and I felt as though I were in the very presence of the spirit of William Ebourne, himself. I could not see him, but I certainly felt his presence and felt the gratitude he was feeling for the work that was being done on his behalf. This is just one of many special and sacred experiences we have had while working in the Logan Temple these past two years. The longer I live the less I believe in coincidence or luck. I have felt and observed, as it were, an unseen hand that guides our lives, never forcing, but gently and lovingly directing the affairs of our lives. It has been a great blessing to us and we feel we are blessing the lives of those who have gone before us and now need our help. What a blessing and honor it is to serve. The veil of the Temple is indeed very thin.

by Bart