Saturday, November 21, 2009

Edna's Baptism and Confirmation Certificate

Above is a copy of Edna Eborn's baptism and confirmation certificate.  I remember her telling us about her baptism in Lyman Hymas' Spring.  During those years, this was the most popular place for young people in the Liberty and Lanark area to be baptized, as it never completely froze over during the winter months and was sufficiently deep for a baptism by immersion to be performed there.  In my mind I thought I recalled her telling about a wintertime baptism, which would have made sense, since she would have turned eight years of age in November of 1920, but the official certificate says she was baptized by Torrey Austin on July 10, 1921.  Apparently her father and stepmother, Martha, must have decided to put the baptism off until the weather was warmer.  She was glad to be a member of the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and worked diligently to live up to the sacred covenants she made with the Lord that day.  As I look back, I can see how important this event was in her life and how the teachings and covenats of the gospel have affected all of her posterity.  I do not have the official certificate, or a copy, for Darrell, but as I recall, he was baptized in the same place.  It may have been him, who was baptized during the colder months of winter. He was born on October 6, 1912.  I'm not sure.  Does any one else have any more exact recollections of these important events?

by Bart

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Am a Child of Royal Birth

Today is Mother's birthday.  Were she still living among us she would be 97 years old.  I think of her often and am greatful to have been so furtunate to have had such a wonderful mother.  I hope she and Dad are pleased with our lives as they look down from the heavens at us and our families.  When she was a young woman, Mother memorized this poem and I'm sure could have quoted it almost up to the last few months before she passed.  It meant a lot to her and gave her guidance as she went through life and all its trials.
I'm sure we, too, would be better people if we would internalize it as she did.

I Am a Child of Royal Birth

I am a child of royal birth.
My Father was King of heaven and earth.
My spirit was born in the courts on high.
A child, beloved, a princess am I.
I was nurtured there; I lived by his side.
In a home where patience and love abide.
My Mother was there in that glorious place,
Blessing her children with queenly grace.

I grew to the stature that spirits grow.
I gained the knowledge I needed to know.
I was taught the truth and I knew the plan,
That God and Christ laid out for man.
I was there when the stars of morning sang.
I mingled my voice when the heavens rang.
I was there to rejoice, to praise and applaud,
The shouts  of joy from the sons of God

I waited my turn and came to earth
Through the wonderful channel of human birth.
Then the curtains were closed and the past was gone.
On the future too, the curtains were drawn.
I lived on the earth, and God willed it so,
With freedom to choose the way I should go.
I must search for the truth, I must serve and obey.
I must walk by my faith or fall by the way.

Some day I'll go back; I will answer the call.
I'll return with my record to the Father of all.
The book will be openend and so will my heart.
There will be rejoicing, if I've done my part.
My Father, the King, with His infinite love,
Will welcome me back to the mansions above.
The curtains will part and eternity
In it's light and glory will open to me.

                                                    by Anna Johnson

This poem was read at Mother's funderal at her request by Iris.

by Bart

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Edna Hymas and Her Parents/Our Grandparents

Edna Hymas Eborn was born November 8, 1912 in Liberty, Idaho.   At this writing she would be approaching her 97th birthday.  She was the sixteenth child of Benjamin Pitman Hymas and Elizabeth Price.  The picture below is of Edna's parents/ our grandparents on the Hymas side of the family and as I remember Mother telling me about this picture, it was taken at about the time of their marraige.  As you can see from the picture they made a good-looking couple.  I reget not having any pictures of mother as a baby or a young child, but we must remember that cameras were not owned by very many people in the Bear Lake Valley at the time and most pictures were taken by local professional photographers.  Their equipment was primitive by our modern standards, but as you can see from the picture of Grandma Elizabeth Price Hymas and her handsome young  husband, Benjamin Pitman Hymas, these rural photagraphers did an excellent job and we are left with some photographs of excellent quality.  I count each one as a treasure.

Below are the pictures that Grandma Edna had in her Book of Remembrance.  There may be others, but  if there are I don't know where they are or who has them,

The above picture, if the names on the back of the photograph are correct, are from left to right, Edna, our mother and grandmother, Aunt June, Aunt Ruby, a cousin Pearl Hymas and the youngest in the family, Uncle Rayo.  If this is the case, then this may be the earliest known picture of Edna Hymas, our mother and grandmother. I'm not sure of her age at the time,but assume she was a young teenager.  It was taken in front of the Hymas family home, which still stands on the hill in Liberty, Idaho.  It is just across the road from the large, white barn with the painted Holstein cow on the south end of it, which is easily seen from the main road passing through Liberty, just north and a little west of the Liberty Ward Church.

As a young woman, mother used to love to ride horses as you can see from the picture below. She said she was often given the assignment of herding the cows in the Dell west of Liberty. I think she rather enjoyed it.

The picture  below is of Edna's mother, Elizabeth Price Hymas.  Mother said she had no true recollection of her real mother, as she died about one and a half years after mother was born, shortly after giving birth to the seventeenth child in the family, Uncle Calvin.  She was forty-three years old at the time and had given birth to three sets of twins.  Not all of the children survrvived her, as some died in early childhood, including one of the sets of twins, Leo and Alonzo.  This left Grandpa Hymas in desparate straits, a widower, with a very large family and very much work to do in the home and on the farm.  I remember mother telling of how Aunt Bertha, the oldest living child, took on the reponsibility of caring for the home and family.  About two years after Grandma Lizzie, as she was affectionatly know, died, Grandpa Benjamin took a new wife, Martha Derricott, who bore the last three children in the family Eldon, Ruby and Rayo,making a total of twenty. Martha was about the same age as Aunt Bertha and this caused some conflict.  Of course not all of the children lived to maturity, but it was nontheless a very large and busy family.  Grandpa Hymas aquired a rather large holding of land and made sure the boys and girls alike had plenty to do on the farm.  They milked cows, raised, pigs, chickens and beef cattle, raised hay and grain, had a large garden, and operated a community cheese factory, using the milk produced by their own dairy cows and also buying excess milk from many of the neighbors around the area.  In spite of the large family, and maybe because of it, they seemed to prosper, maybe even more than most of their neighbors. The family cheese business was the source of most of their money.

Elizabeth Price Hymas was a daughter of Robert Price and one of his polygomous wives, Susannah Juchau. She was born and raised in Paris, Idaho.  At her death , at age 43, she was buried in the Liberty, Idaho cemetery. This is Edna's mother, our grand-mother and great-grand-mother.
by Bart