Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BearLake/Montpelier Trip 9/22/09

I took a little trip over to Bear Lake/Montpelier today. I needed to do a little yard work and a minor repair on the carport roof of the house. The prospects of a sale are looking good. Here's hoping. River went with me. He thought he'd died and gone to heaven. It was a gorgeous day and made me appreciate to valley home of my youth and much of my adult lifetime. I've got go back again in about a week with camera in hand and do some serious photography. The leaves are just starting to change, but are not at full peak. Another week or ten days had ought to fix that. It will be gorgeous through the canyon and over there as well. I plan on doing a hike for most of the day, camera in hand, just looking for the best spots and times.. This was just a quickie picture. I should get some much better ones, if I get off the road and work up a sweat in the effort. I'll look for a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky, and then spend most of the day looking for the right time and place. If anyone would like to come along, I'd enjoy the company. If not, I'll probably take River again, though he is starting to have a little difficulty in keeping up (he's going on thirteen year old, that is about 91 compared to a human). They say dog years are seven time that of a man. Of course it varies by breed.

The Bear Lake Valley is indeed a beautiful place and I, for one appreciate growing up there and raising my family there as well. I think most of them have strong attachments to that little piece of geography.

Keep us posted about what is going on in your families.

Love ya'll,



  1. Is this a new blog? Did I miss something? I'm gonna have to get you on my sidebar now.:)

  2. Yes, MEgan we just started this. I can see a great potential to it, especially if everyone contributes, including exended family.