Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ellis while serving in the US Air Force

Ellis graduated from Utah State University and then went into the Air Force as an officer.  These are the only two pictures I have of him from that period of time.  He has another which was a painting of him when he was in Vietnam, I believe.  Mom and Dad had that picture hanging in their home I think until the day they died. The first picture is of his Navigator Class graduation in Texas. I remember how proud Mom and Dad were of their soldier son, as was I.

I think this picture was taken about the same time.  Here he is all dressed up ready for duty.

I appreciate the example Ellis set for me when I was growing up.  We had our brotherly battles with me always coming out on the losing end of the stick, but we loved each other and we worked and played together for many years,  I missed him when he got married and went into the Air Force.  I remember thinking Greg and Jeanne were to two cutest kids ever.  Of course that was before I got kids of my own and even better than that was when I got grandkids of my own.

by Bart


  1. Thanks for posting those pictures Bart and for setting up this blog. The aircraft we are standing by is an F-89. It is older and slower than the today's powerful machines but was fun to fly. I would still love to take a ride in a modern jet fighter but a 6G turn would probably put my adams apple down in the vicinity of my knee caps. 6G's is 6 times your body weight. Your vision fades and your arm is six times it weight. Imagine trying to carefully control a very sensitive aircraft with that much additional weight on the control stick.

  2. The picture with me in the flight suit and helmet was taken when Mother and Dad came to Waco Texas for a visit. They came on a train and we were very glad to have them there. Jeannine took them out to the end of the runway on the base where we were doing takeoffs and landings. They enjoyed it but I think they thought I was kinda crazy for wanting to do it. We showed them around and they had a good time. They talked about it for a long time. Waco Texas is a bit different than Lanark Idaho. We took them to church and they liked the members they met. Texans are a friendly sort. I'm glad they had the opportunity of making that trip and seeing a little bit of what my life was like.

  3. Thanks so much for doing this Bart!