Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

April sixteenth marks Dad and Mom's 74th Anniversary.  They were married in the Salt Lake Temple with not a single member of either family attending the wedding.  It was just a long distance to Salt Lake and everyone had other things to do.  Such was the life of farming families during the 1930s and the Great Depression.  Uncle Ivan had taken them to Salt Lake where they were married.  I rembember Mother telling me of how she walked down to his place on the crusted snow over the fences there in Liberty to begin the trip with Dad to Salt Lake City.  They were gone just a few days and when they returned it had turned much warmer and the snow was almost all gone with snowmelt run off water everywhere.  They then made their home in the old Arthur Eborn home in Lanark.  I'm so glad they were married and that a temple marraige was important to them.  I know that as a result we were all born in the covenant and are heirs to the great blessings promised if we are faithful.  I appreciate the example of love, hard work, sacrifice, and complete fidelity that the gave to all of us.  We were indeed born of goodly parents!!
There was no wedding picture that I am aware of  but fortunately we have some pictures taken at various other stages in their married life.

This picture was taken on their wedding anniversary 1n 1960.

The picture above shows them together in 1980.
Here they are in 1986 at their golden wedding anniversary party which was held in the Liberty Church.  This event was attended by many family, neighbors, and friends.  It was good to be there and honor them, but I think the best thing we can ever do to honor our noble parents and grandparents is to live honorable lives ourselves.

by Bart

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