Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday To Bart

Happy 70th Birthday To Bart

Not too long ago we thought 20 was old. Now we have to add a half century to it. Rather sobering isn't it. Born on May 29th 1940 as the second child of Darrell and Edna Eborn he began life in a 2 room log house. Much about those days have been previously been written in this blog. Bart we owe you a lot of gratitude for starting and perpetuating this blog. Hopefully as time passes more of the family will desire to contribute. Its value will be apparent many years in the future.

I have been reflecting on some things that most of you may not know that I could include in this Birthday. One of his nick names was “Bishop”. This was a name given to him by Afton Eborn Roberts. Every time she would see him she would say “hi bishop”. She apparently knew something that the rest of didn't because being “Bishop” was a to be his calling and a name by which he will always be called.

As children we had none of the modern toys, TV or even a telephone to converse with friends. As a family we worked hard and played little. When we could, the kids would engage in games such as kick-the-can, hide-and-seek, soft ball and a few other games that seemed lots of fun at the time. We also went fishing sometimes up at Lyman Hymas farm which had been leased by Dad. Bart's biggest problem was dealing with his older and not always patient brother.

It took the whole family to survive and Bart was a major part of that effort. When Dad leased the farm from Lyman Hymas it came with a fairly large dairy herd and a flock of sheep. Bart and I were 12 and 9 respectively. It became our responsibility to milk all of cows at the Lanark farm, feed the cows, calves and pigs and clean the barn. Our day began about 5:30 each morning and ended after the chores were done in the evening—usually 7:00-7:30. In the summer we worked in the fields during the day. Both Bart and I did jobs that I can't imagine a 12 and a 9 year old would do today. Times change it seems. To those reading this it may seem a harsh way for kids, and families, to live but in a strange way there was a lot of satisfaction in being able to do those jobs at such a young age. We received a lot of praise from family and neighbors. Maybe that's what kept us going.

We were proud of Bart when he accepted a call to serve a mission in Germany. He served as a strong missionary, mastered the language, and provided leadership skills to help the Church grow. The skills he learned and the growth achieved has been instrumental during the remainder of his life in serving in the Church and raising a strong close family. That only happens with considerable effort.

Love, Ellis

Dad (Bart) had a difficult time coming into this world. Both he and Grandma Edna nearly died because of his breech position.

This Picture is of Dad (Bart) in 2nd grade. What a handsome little tike. He attended Emerson Elementary in Paris, Idaho. He was good friends with Glen Passey, Gordon Parker, and Kay Hymas. His favorite teachers in Elementary school were Mrs. West and Mr. Roghaar.

Dad grew up on the farm and learned to love nature and animals. He loved to play ball with his older brother Ellis and the neighbor kids. He was a kind and helpful brother to his younger siblings. He worked hard and helped around the farm his whole time growing up. He attended Fielding High School in Paris studying hard, playing basketball and baseball. He graduated in 1958. Following, he attended Utah State University

Dad was called to serve a mission to North Germany in October of 1960- April of 1963. Following his dedicated time serving his mission, he continued to study at USU and graduated with a major in German in 1965. He then got a teaching job in Twin Falls Idaho. Twin Falls proved to be very lucky for him. He met his soul mate of now 44 years. They were married July 29, 1966. He continued his studies in Washington receiving his graduate degree in 1968 starting his family along the way.Dad has been a wonderful man these past seventy years. He was a hardworking, kind brother and son. He studied and learned and got his education as well as served a mission. He loves and adores his bride without any regrets of their time together. He has raised seven children on a teachers salary, struggling to make ends meet as each of us needed many, many things. We never went without and we certainly received far more than we deserved most of the time. He served in many callings in the church, including Bishop for many, many years. He was appreciated by all the members and he made each one feel individually important. He was genuinely concerned for everyone. He was a loving father to not only his own children, but to the members he was trusted to care for.

He taught his children in righteousness and always wanted us to succeed. He supported us in all that we did and still do. He is sure to keep in touch and always lets us know of his love.

His family has grown and grown and grown.

Jason, Rene, JT, Tanner, Megan and Madison

Jared, Shana, Kinsey(Mandi), Emily, Melissa, and Samuel

Justin, Chalisa, Ethan, Hayden and Katherine(Kate) Eborn

Philip, Megan, Garrett, Gavin and Elizabeth(Libbie) Eborn

Ammon, Alison, Addison, Avery and Ada Daugs

Stephen, Candice, Mason, Halle, Gabriel and Sophie Eborn

Ryan, Samantha, Annika, Micah and Tristyn Eborn

Last, but NOT least...River. He was almost as much as one of the kids as we were. Of course in a different way. We were all raised and out of the house when dad had his trusty friend River. He was his side-kick on hikes, biking trips, hauling wood, fishing, picking huckleberries and more. He was a loyal and good friend. Dad loved him very much. River was lucky to have dad be his owner. Every PERSON should be loved as much as he was. He is one of Heavenly Father's Creations and dad treated him as such, right until his last day here. I know dad misses him as we all do. He had a good life and made some good memories for dad.Each of us are now raising our own families in likewise manners as we have been raised. We are doing our best, loving them each and everyday and setting our goals to be eternal.
Happy Birthday dad. We are so blessed that we have spent our lives under your care and loving arms. You have taught us so many wonderful things. The most important being love. We were definitely a loved family. We lived it and said it everyday. It has rubbed off and now our children are the beneficiaries of that affection. We always feel important. We admire everything you are and stand for. It is because of you and mom that we are what we are. I love all my brothers and know that there are NO better men in this world than them. They are so well rounded, honest and loving men. They have followed your example and because of you their families gain all those benefit's. You are our father and without a doubt, our friend. We loved you yesterday, today and forever. Happy Birthday!


  1. I'm rather teary eyed right now. When I was young I always wanted to be a great baseball player. Now in my advanced years I can say with one of the greatest players of all time, Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse: "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth." Times all that by eternity and I am blessed beyond any means of measurement. This blog is priceless to me and I thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I shall forever be grateful for your influence in my life, each and everyone of you. I shall do all I can to live up to the honor of having you in my life.
    If I have amounted "to a hill of beans" it's because of you.

    I will always love you all. I pray I can live the remainder of my life worthy of my many, many blessings.

    Love you all and always,

    Bart/Dad/Grandpa Bart

  2. I love you Bart and wish you a VERY Happy Birthday! You are very deserving of the blessings you have. I feel genuinely loved by you and for that, I am grateful.:)
    Have a wonderful day -- year -- life!

  3. Thank you everyone for your love for your Father, Grandfather and brother. I thank my
    Heavenly Father everyday for leading me to
    Twin Falls so that I could find my sweetheart
    and eternal companion. He has been and is the most wonderful husband a woman could ever hope
    for. His love for me and his children is very
    great and unending. All of us are very blessed
    for having him in our lives. I love you Bart
    and am so grateful for you and all you do for me.

    Love always, Iris

  4. I meant what I said. You are not only the greatest father but the greatest friend. I love you and I am the luckiest little girl to have her daddy so close by. Happy Birthday Dad! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

  5. Reed called to wish me a happy bithday. We were gone at the time so he lft a message on the answering machine. It said: "Hi Bart, this is Reed. I just called to wish you a happy birthday. I know your happy. I've been looking at the family blog and if your'e not happy then you just don't know how to be happy." How true that is. I am happy and we do truly have to learn how to be happy. Atittude is a decision. I choose to be happy.

  6. Mason wants to say he loves you to, and misses you.
    He will see you by the end of the week.