Monday, September 13, 2010

Canning with Mom

Food for the long Bear Lake winter.

I wish my memory was better, but I certainly enjoy reading about Mom and Dad and their family. After reading the Darrell and Edna Eborn Clan blog I do remember those days and events.  It then brings to recall a memory of my own.  I was remembering Mom and canning time.  I know that Nina and I got involved in this, mostly during the fall season, and we too were impressed when the bottles were all full.  I especially liked the looks of the peaches and pears.  Mom canned whatever she could.  I remember going over to Preston a time or two and picking green beans and coming home and canning them in the pressure cooker.  That pressure cooker sounded a little scary to me as it let off its steam.  Then we closely stood near by the stove and watched to make sure it did not go over that certain number.  It required a certain amount of pressure, 12 pounds for beans, if I remember right.  The fruits, of course, received a hot water bath.  We got to peel and remove the pits and help prepare the simple syrup for the berries and fruits.  I remember drying apricot stones and after they were dried we would eat the nut inside.  In later years, we were told they were not to be eaten, for some reason that I don't recall.  I still like to can and see the bottles full - now in my own home.  Sometimes I kept the kids from opening bottles until after the first snow fell and sometimes I give in, just as Mom did.

by Brenda

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  1. Thanks for the post. Your insights are greatly valued and will be even more so in the future.