Friday, October 21, 2011

Golden Wedding Anniversary of Arthur Phipp Eborn and Nina Louise Passey

The date was September 5th 1955.   Many years have now passed  and much in the world has changed, but I can still remember the family get-together at the Emerson School to celebrate the fiftieth wedding anniversary of our grandparents Arthur Phipp Eborn and Nina Louise Passey Eborn.  It is interesting to note the size of the family and try to put names with the faces.  I can do a lot of them but not all.  It would be great to see a reunion of the entire posterity of these good people to whom we owe so much.  See how many of the faces you can recognize and identify. I'm sure we would not fit on the stage of most any auditorium let alone a small dual purpose gymnasium.  The Emerson School was just across the street from where Grandma and Grandpa lived in Paris, Idaho.  The school is now gone but the old family home is still standing, having been remodeled and added on to several years ago.

Arthur Phipp Eborn and Nina Louise Passey Eborn on their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Fifty Years earlier on their wedding day.  They were married September 20, 1905, in Lanark, Bear Lake County, Idaho.  They were sealed for time and eternity  in the Logan Utah LDS Temple on October 14, 1908.  At the time they had two children, Harlan and Willard.  Grandpa Arthur had just turned 19 ten days before, and Grandma Nina was eighteen at the time of their wedding.

By Bart

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