Monday, September 3, 2012

Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful Blessing, Beautiful Day, Beautiful Life

Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful Blessing, Beautiful Day, Beautiful Life
On Sunday, September 1st, many of our family, Samantha's family, and friends and associates of Ryan and Samantha and their sweet family were privileged to gather at the River Heights First Ward Church to witness the blessing of Ryan and Sam's sweet little newborn daughter. She was given the name of Neveah Kensington Eborn. The name and the blessing bestowed on her were given by her father. It was an outstanding blessing, given by the priesthood of God with much power and dignity. This little angel is fortunate to come into the world where she will be loved and cared for, taught and nourished physically, emotionally and especially in things pertaining to the Spirit. It is a great challenge to be responsible for the upbringing of these pure and innocent little ones so recently living in the presence of God and now entrusted to our care in this world where trial, hardship, and testing are to be experienced in preparation for the ultimate blessings promised those who will be faithful and endure to the end. What an honor, what a privilege, what a responsibility. If the love and teaching they give their other children are any indication of what lies in store for Neveah, she is indeed blessed, as are all of us who will have the opportunity to know her and extend an helping hand when it is needed through out her life. She is our twenty fifth grand child, now including twelve boys and thirteen girls. We are all blessed beyond measure. Our gratitude to the Source of all our blessings is great.
Neveah is just five weeks old at the time of this photograph. Samantha says she never fusses, unless she is hungry or has a messy diaper. Knowing Sam and Ryan, that will translate to a pretty peaceful upbringing. She is so blessed as are the loving parents and the rest of the family.
A proud papa and rightly so.
Mother and Grandmother are likewise proud of little Neveah

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