Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween in Lanark

Does anyone remember how Mom would dress up for Halloween and greet the Trick and Treaters?  I think she was dressed up as a witch and she had fun right along with the kids! Halloween was fun for all of us in Lanark, Idaho.  Lanark is located in the southeast part of Idaho and as a young child, we walked along the dark gravel roads trick or treating.  No street lights!  No paved  highways!  It was quite an experience just moving about the town.  Houses were not close and we
tried to go from one end of the town to the other.  Houses were at least a quarter of a mile apart. 
I don't remember what we did during my younger years, but I suppose we went in cars and then later I remember tagging along with older siblings, and then finally as a teen ager, going in groups.  We would get invited into almost every house by the time we were teen agers and our treat was often a piece of pie, or a doughnut, or popcorn balls.  It was quite safe to roam about in those days and except for having our candy stolen by a "dumb older kid" I don't remember any scary incidents.  Some of us probably played a few tricks on people, but I didn't get in on those.  I just heard about some of them.

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