Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Younger Brothers

                       The Younger Brothers   Reed and Mark -- Cute!

I was thinking of my little brothers this morning and thought I would add this picture. I found this picture behind another picture that I brought home from the folks’. They were sure cute little brothers! I was remembering that I was in the fourth grade in our Aunt Opal’s class, when Reed was born, and I went across the street from the school, that day at noon hour to Grandma and Grandpa Eborn’s house, which was across from the playground. I don’t remember which uncle was there but he told me that I had a new little brother, and that they had found him along the road, or some similar story, and that I now had a new baby brother. I think I must have been a very gullible child, or just naive because I wondered if it was true. About five years later when Mark was born, I must have also been naive because it was only a few weeks after I found a baby blanket under Mom and Dad’s bed that Mom had another new baby boy. We now had a family of two boys, two girls, and two more boys. In those days, to my recollection, parents didn’t talk much of the new baby that was coming. Maybe I was in the other room, or outside, but I didn’t have any of those conversations. I few weeks before Mark was born, Mom did tell me that she would be going to the hospital soon, and she would need some help at home during this time. I never even knew she was going to have a baby. I guess I wasn’t very observant either! Mom talked about staying in the hospital for about ten days when her babies were born. I remember Mom saying that Mark said, in later years, “I don’t know why I had to be the last one born.” He felt like he missed out on the Easter Egg dyeing and some of those events that by the time he came along, parents had had enough of that kind of fun. Only when we get older do we understand!



  1. The picture is coming....sorry....Not to good at this technology stuff....Brenda

  2. The were cute kids, Maybe that's the reason they are so goodlooking now.