Friday, January 21, 2011

Divinity???  Seeing Things As They Really Are.!!

A few days ago Ryan came over and left a plate of Samantha's home made divinity at our front door.
We had gone to the movie and when we returned there was a phone message telling us that it was there. It was a thoughtful act on the part of Ryan and Sam and their sweet little family, and it looked so good. It brought back of flood of memories about divinity, from the times when my mother would make it as a special treat for us, and sometimes a plate for the neighbors too, to the time I stayed home from school, because I was not feeling well and during the course of the day I got this weird idea about making Ellis and the girls, who had gone to school, a "special treat". I got some laundry detergent, added just a little water, and beat it into a nice mixture with the egg beater, which when put out onto a sheet of waxed paper a spoonful at a time, looked exactly like a nice batch of home made divinity. I'm not sure why Mother let me do this, but she went along with the prank. Later in the afternoon the other kids came home from school and were anxious to try the freshly made "divinity" they found waiting on the cupboard. Eagerly, they helped themselves, only to find out it didn't taste like the divinity they were expecting. I've tried to repent of this, but somehow, deep down inside, it felt good to get even with my big brother, Ellis, just a little bit. As I have reflected on this, I thought maybe it might sevre as an object lesson. Sometimes, the things we think are sweet, are not really sweet at all. It is possible for us to be fooled by things that look good, but really are something else altogether. When I went to take a picture of the plate of divinity, Sam had made, my camera had been left in the car and had a fogged up lens. The picture of the sweet stuff is a little hard to discern through the steamy lens. Sometimes we allow things to disrupt our clear vision and make it difficult to see things clearly. Jason sometimes has spoken to his kids about "moments of clarity", when we see things as they really are. Unfortunately, we do not always enjoy such clarity. It is then that we have to rely on faith and trust the Spirit to help us discern between the sweet and the bitter. If we partake of the bitter, there will be consequences, and of course, if we partake of the sweet it will bring rewards. I later cleared of my lens with a dry cloth and took another picture. It's great to be able to see, and then even greater, to see clearly.

By Bart


  1. But alas, the consequences of your misdeeds. The fake divinity was then fed to the chickens and was the reason the big red rooster chased after you every time you went out of the house. At least that's My story---and I'm sticking to it.

  2. It's hard to believe you'd find some pleasure in watching your little bother receiving retribution at the hands of your old red rooster, but maybe it would have been worth it if I'd at least had a chance to see him eating your "divinity".

  3. Back to a serious discussion about the divinity. It was a fairly rare treat because it's not easy to make. Everything must be done precisely. On one occasion we were making it and it didn't want to set up properly so Mom set it outside on the back porch where it was cold--you know Winter in Bear Lake and all. Anyway the dog ate it. We were not happy. Bad dog!!!