Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Elder Daugs Mission Call and Farewell

Several weeks ago Addison put in his mission papers. His call came from the prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and he will be serving in the New York Rochester Mission. This will be a wonderful experience for him and we have every reason to believe he will be a successful missionary and help many people come to an understanding of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's great plan of happiness for his children. This area of New York is rich in Church History. Such sites at the Sacred Grove, the Hill Cummorh , Palmyra, and many others important in the history of the restored Church are in the area. He will no doubt get to see many of them and walk where Joseph Smith walked and where the Angle Moroni came to him in vision. Addison's testimony of the restored gospel will become even stronger and the many of the people he meets will have been prepared to listen to the message he bears and receive of the gospel blessings. Addison has been preparing for this day almost since he was born. He has worked hard and saved his money for this very purpose. He has been a very good student, not only at school but of the gospel. He has read the Book of Mormon and studied the scriptures. He has been obedient to his Father in Heaven and also his parents,who love him so very much. They will, no doubt, miss him, but he will probably be so busy that he wont have much time to miss anything. That is what happens when missionaries are anxiously engaged in the work. They know they are where they should be at this time of their lives and are doing what Heavenly Father wants them to do. Addison will find great joy in the service of the Lord as he presses forward with faith, being strictly obedient to his Mission President and other mission leaders.

We attended his "Farewell" in the Spring Creek Ward yesterday. We were very proud of Addison and his whole family. Addison spoke confidently and humbly as he bore his testimony and taught of the Restoration of the gospel in this dispensation. His testimony is already firm and powerful, but he will find it growing rapidly as he serves faithfully in his mission. Most of our immediate family came to support Addison, express their love for him and spend some quality time with him be for he leaves on July 30th.Below are just a few pictures of Elder Daugs and his family and some of the extended family who also love him and will be praying for him as the days of his mission go by. We love you Addison and are so very pleased with your decision to serve. We are happy to be a part of your life and you a part of ours. We will always include you in our prayers and you can expect that your family will keep you posted about what is going on at home. I hope letters from your Grandpa Eborn will not be a distraction, but rather, a token of our love for you, and a word of encouragement when it is needed from time to time.
Ammon, Elder Daugs, and his weet mama, soon to be 40.
Elder Daugs on the temple grounds after his own endowment session together with both og his grandpas and his dad.
I think Alison is going to miss her eldest for a couple of years.  He will do well and so will she.  It will be a blessing for so many people at home as well as in the New York Rochester Mission.

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