Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Bother, Reed

Reed, my brother, sent me these pictures taken from his deck overlooking Bear Lake. Sometimes I wish I had been smart enough to buy a lot at Bear Lake West myself. How is it possible that a man can wake up to these kinds of views everyday, and he hasn't even been resurrected yet? He lives the good life indeed.

A Beautiful Sunrise from the Deck at the front of Reed and Lorraine's home on the hill at Bear Lake West.
Joy Cometh in the Morning!"

Sunrises over Bear Lake are often spectacular, but new beauty appears appears once  "the sparrows stop their singing and the moon has gone to bed."
Living up on the hill at Bear Lake West seems to have brought out the philosopher in Reed.  We often enjoy long, in depth conversations on the things of eternity.  This has been a great blessing to me and I hope our discussions have, at least, caused him to ponder, and pray, and seek answers from on high as they have me.  We always look forward to c few days in the huckleberry patch and just picking, talking and being grateful.  Simple, but priceless treasures.
Reed used to enjoy and be a very good hunter.  Now his gentile heart seems to attract all kinds of wildlife all the way from deer, to hummingbirds, to wild turkeys,to bobcats, to giant bull moose, all of which feel  welcome and unafraid in Reed and Lorraine's Yard.  Dad always used to say: "You can't fool kids and dogs."  The same holds true for the wildlife that comes to visit at their place,
In Reed's words:  "Borno is back"  Yes, he even knows them by name.

By Bart

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