Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Areal View of the Eborn Farm

This is a Google Earth image of the old Darrell Eborn Farm where they raised their family from about a mile up.  Kind of interesting. Our old stomping grounds.  It holds a thousand stories. Some of them have to be worth telling and preserving for posterity.


  1. Hi, I've been enjoying the blog. Am I right in assuming that most (or all?) of the entries are from Bart? Could I make two little suggestions? When someone comments or makes an entry, could you "sign" your name? Also, I would love it if everyone would post a family photo and update us on where everyone is and what's going on. Just an idea. . .
    Jeanne (Eborn) Hoddenbach

  2. All suggestions are welcome, and I'd love it if the whole family would get involved a little. It may take a little time, but I hope it catches on.


  3. Hi All! I've finally got this blog thing somewhat figured out, so will add a note. We have been busy the last couple of weeks. We went down to St. George (Dean participated in the Senior Huntsman games) and he did well! Then we've had a family with that flu (Alan's) plus Margaret had corrective surgery, so Grandma has been helping out. So will try to add more in a few days. I've been enjoying the blog, but wasn't sure how to comment for awhile. Maybe a little more info at the start of the blog for us that are "older". This is my first experience with a blog. Let's keep it going. Brenda