Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Edna Hymas Eborn & Darrell Eborn Marraige

This is  a scanned photo copy of Darell aand Edna's marraige certificate.  The marraige ceremony took place in the Salt Lake Temple on April 16th,1936, right in the middle of the Great Depressiom.  I remember Mother telling me that Uncle Ivan took them to Salt Lake for the wedding.  None of their friends or family were with them in Salt Lake.  I never heard a lot about their honeymoon, but only that it was very simple and short.  Mom said when she left Liberty and home that 15th of April to go to Salt Lake to the Temple she walked down over the hill where the old Hymas home was to Uncle Ivan's place down on the main road in Liberty.  She said it had been a very late Spring and the fences were still all covered with snow.  She said when she walked down to Uncle Ivan's with her little suit case, she walked over the frences on the crusted snow.  While they were in Salt Lake the  weather cchanged and it quidly became unseasonably warm.  She said when they returned most of the snow was gone and there was water running everywhere.  A temple marraige had been important to both mom and dad and it is not hard to see that they made quite a sacrifice to make a temple marraige happen.  I for one am very greatful that temple marraige was a very high poriority for them and that I and the rest of my siblings were Born in the Covenant,  This meant a great deal to them and it does to me, probably,  more than we will ever know in this earth life. I hope we are all greatful and have the same ideals and priviledges and take andvantage of them in our lives, to become better people. They both showed us, by so many small deeds, that we were for them ,their grestest priority. I for one am greatful for my heritage and will always strive to be worthy of it.

By Bart

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