Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Memories in Lanark

As Halloween approaches my thoughts go back to some of the things we did to celebrate the occasion when we were growing up.  I recall getting together with some of our friends in Lanark and going out trick or treating from one end of town to the other.  Of course, we all walked along the country roads in the dark all the way from our home on Lanark Lane, meeting up with friends along the way.  We often made our way out as far as Warren Passey's place to the south and sometimes up as far as Worthy Beck's place to the north.  That is a distance of maybe seven or eight miles all together.  We got our share of treats, usually some sort of home made goody like popcorn balls, taffy or fudge and of course we stopped by certain of the neighbors who would become easily upset and tried to get their goat in some mischevious way.  I don't recall doing anything really outlandish, but we did wax a few windows or put a cow pie on the front step of some of the people's houses, if we thought it would get to them. I don't claim to have been involved in this particular activity, but the story was told of a group of teenaged boys who got together and lifted an outhouse from its foundation and moved it back about four feet, hoping that someone would need to use the outhouse during the night and would fall into the exposed pit just before reaching their destination.  I'm not sure they had any success at this endeavor, but I can kind of see their devious little minds at work.
      Some of my fondest memories are of Mother dressing  up as a witch every Halloween and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the kids from far and wide.  When the children arrived they always were made to feel welcome and got a special treat, usually one that had required some effort to create,.  I especially rememmber popcorn balls. One might think there was nothing to do in Lanark, but it seems we always found something to keep us busy and happy.  It did require a little imagination and some effort , but I think the memories were all the better for the effort.

by Bart


  1. I don't remember Grandma dressing up like a witch. I do remember her funny glasses with black bushy eyebrows and the big nose attached. I think those good Trick-or Treating days are over when you actually went in the person's house, sang a song and got a homemade donut or popcorn ball. It's kind of sad that it isn't like that anymore.

    I can't believe you walked that many miles on Halloween night. I might have done it for fudge, but I don't think I would would have for something like a fruit flavored tootsie roll. :)

  2. It really was more for the fun of being together with friends than the special treats. Sometimes we really did have a great time. I even remember kids from Paris coming out to join us during our High School years a time or two. Sadly there aren't as many kids out there any more so it's probably not as fun as it was back in the "good old days." Times do change.