Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Brenda!!!

Brenda was born March 25, 1943 to Darrell and Edna Hymas Eborn.  She was born in the old Montpelier Hospital, which occupied the upper floor of a store building in Montpelier.  She was the first daughter and third child in the family.  At the time of  Brenda's birth the family was still living in the samll, two-room log home on Lanark Lane.  It was very crowded, but we managed to get by and Dad and Mom began to make plans for a different home.  Brenda was a pretty little girl and was a joy to her parents.  Dad came up with an original little song which he always used to sing to Brenda.  It went something like this: " B-R-E-N-D-A, I sure love you today."  I can still hear Dad singing this to her in my mind.  The picture below was taken when Brenda was one year old and is the earliest picture of her that I am aware of.  It was kept in Mom's Book of Remembrance.

Brenda has posted another picture of her and Nina elsewhere in this blog (see The Girls).  It is the only picture of the two of them together as young children that I am aware of.
This a picture of Brenda during her years at Fielding High School.  Brenda was a very good student, one of the best in her class.

Brenda as a young woman,  I'm not quite sure of the age, but my guess is that it was taken shortly after she graduated from Fielding High School in Paris in 1961.

Brenda met her future husband, Dean, while they were attending BYU in Provo.  After a short courtship they were married and have been happily married ever since and have raised a wonderful family which has brought great joy to them.  Dean was born and raised in McCammon, Idaho.
Brenda and Dean and the beginning of their family, baby daughter, Myrna.

Same family on a vist to Grandma and Grandpa's about two years later.  Myrna is starting to grow up already.  After Dean graduated from BYU he took a job as a PE and health teacher and coach at South Fremont High School in St. Anthony, Idaho where they raised their family of three boys and three girls.

As ayoung child, I remember being very fond of my little sister,Brenda.  We would walk around the yard and the farm holding hands, exploring, and playing together for many hours every day

by Bart


  1. I can still hear you singing to me too! "Alison Maria , Is my sweet, sweet little girl and I love my Alison Maria, she is my sweet little girl."
    You are a great dad and obviously a great brother. Everyone is blessed to have you in their lives.

  2. And it was true and still is, Alison. I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm not sure but I think this was the same little kid that used to stick her head out the bedroom door and call me the names of some of the more homely girls around.