Monday, March 8, 2010

The Lanark Eborn Kids

Here are the four oldest children of Darrell and Edna Eborn,  Brenda and Nina in front and Bart and Ellis in back.  We are all dressed up for church at the old Lanark Church House.  That building is gone now and I don't have a picture of it, but it was there that much of our early childhood religious traning and the beginnings of our testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Chtist and traditions began.   One thing I remember distinctly about that Church House was that it was never locked.  I'm not sure there was even a key to the building. The sme was true of every home in town.  I think that says something about the times we grew up in and the community we called home.  We belonged to the Lanark Ward then.  I remember well the Sunday activities with friends and neighbors.  We rarely, if ever, missed going to Church on Sunday and Mutual on Tuesday nights, even on bitter cold and snowy winter days and nights .  They would let school out a little early on Wednesdays and the school bus driver would drop us off at the Church for Primary.  I miss the closeness that we had with other ward members and neighbors. We've had lots of good friends because of the Church everywhere we have lived, but the ones I seem to remember the most were those who lived in Lanark and took an interest in us when we were young.
Here we are ready for Church a gain on a beautiful summer day.  Mom had a way of keeping a beautiful petunia patch in front of the house and down along the east side of it.  I remember her doing this right up until she could no longer live alone at home.  Maybe that is where I gained my love of petunias and flowers in general.  This is another photo of Mom's "staircase".

By Bart


  1. I can see so much of Stephen and Jared in you.

  2. I hope so. It wouldn't be as good if it was the other way around.