Sunday, March 14, 2010

Other Memories of Ellis and Jeannine's Family

Dad and Mom loved their grandchildren and were happy to know that their own children also were having families of their own.  Ellis, of course, was the oldest and so he got a head start on the rest of us so far as  having children and thus grandchildren for Mom and Dad to enjoy.  Unfortunately, they were in the Air Force for much of the time the children  were very young and so they only got to see them occasionally.  They were very proud of Ellis and his family.  Below are the pictures that were kept in Mom's Book of Remembrance.
The pictures in no way reflect the full measure of love and concern they had for all Ellis' family, but are indicative of some of their feelings toward them.  I know these are just a few of the many pictures and memories that could be shared.  Feel free to go into the blog and edit it or add to it as you desire.

Ellis married Jeannine Armitage from Motpelier, Idaho.  He had just completed his sophomore year at Utah State and she had just graduated from Montpelier High School.   They were married in the Idaho Falls Temple on August 30, 1957. 
Gergory was their first child.  He was born while Ellis and Jeannine were going to school at Utah State.
Here  he is wearing his Dad's Air Force hat.  Cute kid!
Here we see Greg and his little sister, Jeanne, taking a bath together.  What siblings have not done that?

Greg and Jeanne starting to grow up.

Here is Greg, a grown man, with his bride, Laura Wilson.

Greg and Jeanne's little Sister, Lory Lynn.

Jim and Jeanne Eborn Haddenbach

This picture was taken at one of the family reunions and depicts the love Dad had for his Grandson, Christiopher,and Chris for his Grandpa.

by Bart

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